Valerie Hird


Genesis Tree

In collaboration with:

Jill Abilock, VT

The Abramowitz Family, FL


Boise Art Museum,r Women & Gender, Saint Michael's College, VT

Concepts of Community, Champlain College, VT

Conference and Event Center, Champlain College, VT

Book Arts Guild of Vermont, VT

Tris Carson, NY

Dungeons & Dragons Club, CO

Cathedral Square Senior Living, VT

Liz Demaree, NJ

Cathy Dellinger, VT

The Fodor Family and Friends, NY

Charles Hewson, PA

Blackwell Hird, CO

Patty Hudak, Tokyo, Japan

Debbie, Skyler and Aidan, Johnson Family, NY

Khulood Kitaneh, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Kravis Children's Hospital, Mt. Sinai, NY

Lake Champlain Waldorf School, VT

Tsering Lhakhang, VT

Metasenta Projects - Heidi Vanzet, Nick Curnow, Jae O'Donnell, Wen Shobbrook, Anton Ritterman, Melbourne, Australia

Marymount School, Barranquilla, Colombia

Nohra Haime Gallery, NY

Oak Street School, NY

Pan American International High School at Monroe, NY

The Possin Family, FL

Ramamani Sundaraja Iyengar High School, Bellur, South India

River Rock School, VT

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama

Melissa Smith, NY

Samah Sultan, Aqaba, Jordan

Jennifer Spector, Panama

Thackston School, TN

Tibetan Refugee School, Bylakuppe, South India

University of Maine at Augusta, ME

Vassar College, Davidson House, NY

Williams College, MA

YoGoddesses, MD

Special Thanks to our volunteers:

Samaria Guzman, Honduras

Myrelle Chavez, Ecuador

Gladys Caguay, Guatemala

Dereck Henriquez, Dominican Republic

Penny Arnold – Bronx, NY

Whitney Dall - VT

Rory Hayden – NY

Liz Demaree - NJ

Nohra Haime Gallery Staff - NY

Project Assistant, Video Production/Editor – Ben Youngbaer

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#GENESIS TREE NY16 was installed in NY at the Nohra Haime Gallery. It was the result of a six-month crowd-sourced international outreach project representing diverse age groups and individuals from middle school students to retired seniors. The project reached out to all walks of life from all parts of the globe; artists, teachers, museums, hospitals and research groups from 8 countries, 11 US States and 28 cities contributed their time and energy - and 4000 hand-folded origami pieces - to the assembly of a three-dimensional 10 x 14 foot tree. All participants had listed credit on the project and were invited to join the Project Facebook Group in order to share their stories in text, photos and video

Each crane, cube and box was made from recycled magazine paper gathered and folded by participants in Jordan, India, Australia, UK, Japan, Panama, Colombia, Abu Dhabi, and the U.S. Sent in February to New York they were installed in March to form a big tree representing a diversity of language, locality and color that connects us all.

Genesis Tree NY16 Video

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